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Here are 5 best-selling new cars of 2017

01/04/2018 06:28:11
Here are 5 best-selling new cars of 2017
Audi Q5, Toyota RAV4 , Ford F-series, Nissan Rogue and Buick Envision are best-selling cars in U.S. of 2017 year. Those cars have highiest level of sales.

Most of Americans are choosing to drive crossovers, sport utility and pick up trucks with fuel-saving that have been improved it in recent days. Here were the five best-selling cars of 2017's, based on a time and sales valuation.

Audi Q5: The mid-size crossover has retained its position as the luxury brand of the Volkswagen Group, best-selling in 2017, and expanded its position on the closest model. A new design made it to become even hotter. The company sold 57,640 units of Q5 in 2017, up 16,3% on the year. Buick Envision: The Envision has been a hit with consumers, making it the third best-sellerGM sold 41,040 units of the Envision in 2017. Ford F-series: This model of Ford is easily maintaining its title as a best-selling car in the U.S. Sales were up 9.3% for the year. With sales of 896,764 units in 2017, the car accounted more than 5% of all new cars sold in U.S.

Nissan Rogue: The crossover car constituted more than 25% of all cars sold by Nissan in 2017. With 403,465 cars sold up 22,3% for the year, it far has overcome the rebellious Nisan Altima's sales total of 254,996 for the title of Nissan's best-seller. Toyota RAV4: The RAV4 won the title of best-selling U.S. car for the Japanese automaker in 2017. With sales of 407,594 units, RAV4 has doubled its sales in last three years.


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